About The Book
This funny and practical book shows how humor can help us know who we are, how to live well, and why "saints" can laugh a lot. It will help readers experience the formative power of laughter in the Christian pilgrimage.

We have uploaded excerpts from the book for you to read. Click here to read these free samples.

Quick Information

You can now get Laughing Pilgrims as an e-book at Amazon Kindle, iBook, Nook, and Kobo. Red Nose Fun Publishing LLC (www.rednosefun.com) now distributes the book in print and digital editions. So snag your copy of the book from this site, from www.amazon.com (nice reviews there!), or from other vendors. (Click our "Buy the Book" link.) The Joyful Noiseletter excerpted the book in its November, 2007 issue. (Check out the great job Cal Samra does there - and subscribe!)

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