Laughing Pilgrims

As notes stream (or trickle) in from readers, we want to share some of their ideas, comments, and stories with folks who visit this page. Keep coming back to see what's new.

Thanks to those who have written and spoken with me. It's fun to hear from you and I look forward to hearing from others.

We got a great note from a Mrs. Klutz ("we use the German pronunciation," she said) gladly agreeing with us, but going on to tell stories of the trials and fun a real Klutz can have with that name. I usually flunk German pronunciation, but thank her with genuine respect and laughter. Donkey shine!

"I have been remembering and chuckling as I have been reading your book. My appreciation for the intricacies of humor, its many faces have grown."

"I really enjoyed it … a good and much needed book."

"This is a very funny read. … You have made the medium the message."

"Even I loosened up and laughed and enjoyed a refreshing perspective of the Christian life that is meant to have an abundance of joy and humor."

A reported conversation:
Adult Daughter: "Mom, have you read Howard Macy's new book Laughing Pilgrims?"
Mom: "No…"
Daughter: "Yeah, it is wonderful… about God's sense of humor."
Mom: "Well, do you know that 50% of the pilgrims DIED the first winter?"
Daughter: "Well, I guess those aren't the pilgrims Howard was referring to…"

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