Laughing Pilgrims

"Rave" may seem immodest or bold, but we will include here some of the nice things people are saying about us in public. We'll start with folks who risked their good reputations on the back of the book:
  • "Laughing Pilgrims is simply a joy to read. In honesty, I must say that this is a funny book - a very funny book."
    Richard J. Foster, founder of Renovaré and author of Celebration of Discipline, Prayer, Streams of Renewal and others

  • "Howard Macy has achieved what few other writers of humor have been able to do. Laughing Pilgrims is hilarious to read but along the way raises serious questions about the meaning and power of laughter. Imagine! Nurturing our spirituality while laughing out loud! Read and enjoy."
    Tom Mullen, popular speaker and author of many books, including Laughing Out Loud and Other Religious Experiences and A Very Good Marriage

  • "Howard Macy's delightful book, Laughing Pilgrims, is an important contribution to the Christian literature on joy and humor. It's a thoughtful, balanced, and eminently quotable work that draws sharp distinctions between destructive humor and healing humor."
    Cal Samra, Editor, The Joyful Noiseletter and author of books on humor including The Joyful Christ: The Healing Power of Humor

  • "Howard Macy's mirth is a 'comedy of embrace', and thus this book is a colossal, gladdening hug. Macy frees us for the spirited laughter that nurtures true holiness and spreads God's exuberant gaiety."
    Marva J. Dawn, Teaching Fellow in Spiritual Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, and author of Talking the Walk, Unfettered Hope, The Sense of Call, and many other books

  • "In these days of hurtful humor, when sarcasm and cynicism are brandished as weapons, Howard Macy provides a wonderful antidote. Laughing Pilgrims is more than a fun read; it is a spiritual primer on the blessings of humor, laughter and good will."
    Philip Gulley, Quaker pastor, essayist and storyteller (Front Porch Tales, Home to Harmony, and others)

  • "Laughing Pilgrims takes readers down the right road of faith, walking with a merry Chaucerian host who collects stories and shares good humor as we make our way to Canterbury to repent of our sins and worship God in the fullness of joy. Macy makes the journey through the valleys and over the plains a veritable joy."
    Terry Lindvall, C.S. Lewis Chair of Communication and Christian Faith, Virginia Wesleyan College and author of Surprised by Laughter and The Mother of All Laughter: Sarah and the Genesis of Comedy.

  • "Christians are not generally known for their sense of humour - that's serious and needs to change! This funny and practical book show how humour can help us know who we are, how to live well and why 'saints' can laugh a lot."
    The Salvationist, October, 2006, chose it as "Book of the Week"

  • "C. S. Lewis was surprised by joy. I've been saved by laughter, one of God's precious gifts. What a joy to review this book about humour. … Buy this book, enjoy it, and pass it on to others. Make sure they read it too. It should be on every theological student and pastor's booklist."
    Patrick Forbes, broadcaster and retired priest

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